The impact of COVID-19

During this uncertain time, as a nation we have a common enemy. We all need to dig deep into our spirit of Ubuntu and unity to stand in solidarity to defeat COVID-19. Together in solidarity!

#Covid19SA #PlayYourPartSA

South Africans have mobilised. Standing together to fight as one to overcome the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19). While we all learn more about this new and aggressive infection every day, what we know for sure is that there is a world of difference each of us can make to slow its spread. #PlayYourPartSA

Follow our Nation’s tenacity as we act together to #PlayYourPartSA

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It’s our Nation’s biggest move in unity. Ever.

#PlayYourPartSA to fight COVID-19

All 58,78 million of us are going to stay home from now until April 16, 2020, after which we will reflect on our progress and determine the next steps.

Coronavirus can and will be defeated.

“We are responding as a united nation to a common threat. This national emergency demands cooperation, collaboration and common action. More than that, it requires solidarity, understanding and compassion.”

“We have decided to take urgent and drastic measures to manage the disease, protect the people of our country and reduce the impact of the virus on our society and on our economy. We have now declared a national state of disaster in terms of the Disaster Management Act. This will enable us to have an integrated and coordinated disaster management mechanism that will focus on preventing and reducing the outbreak of this virus. We will also be able to set up emergency, rapid and effective response systems to mitigate the severity of its impact.”

Honorable President Cyril Ramaphosa, 23 March 2020

Learn how you can play your part at this critical time and pledge to join us in solidarity to help slow the spread of COVID-19